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Three Of Centennial Colorado’s Best Restaurants To Try Out

Centennial CO has a unique name, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder about the history of the place. You are about to find out shortly, as you look around at the city of Centennial and what it has to offer. For my part, I’m going to introduce you to three more of the city’s best restaurants. Grab a good meal at one of these fine establishments in Centennial, Colorado.

Normally Rock Bottom wouldn’t be a good name, but it is the name of a great restaurant in Centennial. In fact, it’s not just a restaurant but also a brewery. This brewery doesn’t do the food truck thing, and that makes it unique already. Located on East County Line Road, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery serves up soft pretzels, burgers, cobb salads and much more. The fact that this is a restaurant and a local brewery and again not a brewery with a food truck really means something.

Of course local breweries with food trucks are also really cool. On to the next pick though, and it’s a good one. Surena Restaurant is located on East Arapahoe Road, and it is known for its soups, baklava, lamb kebabs, eggplant appetizer and more. The reviews also say that Surena Restaurant has a great atmosphere, so you should have an enjoyable meal.

The third Centennial CO restaurant is Costa Vida. Costa Vida is located on Commons Street, and it is a great Mexican restaurant to visit. Just thinking about the menu is making me hungry for Mexican food. What would you order?

As you drive around Centennial, keep in mind where these three restaurants are located. They are three of the best restaurants in Centennial CO. It just depends on what you want to eat at the time. If it were me, I would want to check out that unique brewery/restaurant first.

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