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Colorado Is Different Than Expected

When I was younger, I always thought of Colorado as a place people go if they want to ski. I never imagined there were neighborhoods there and some of the residents would rather be doing anything other than hitting the slopes. As I have gotten older, I realized that there was more to the state than the Rockies, but I still had no clue about what could be expected there.

Last month, my boss told me that he wanted me to go to Centennial, CO in order to meet with a potential client. I was a bit frustrated since the area seemed boring and I was a bit upset that a work rival was being sent to Boston, which sounded far more exciting. With that being said, the first thing I noticed when I arrived there was the fact that it was busier than I imagined.

In my mind, Centennial was going to be this really small place that had old inns and tumbleweed, but that was not the case at all. In fact, I found out later that it is twice as large as the city I currently live in. It was also really close to Denver, which means that you can get to a larger city fairly quickly. Apparently, there is a great nightlife there, so I ventured out a few times during my trip.

This may not sound like a huge deal, but I visited IKEA when I was there and the place was HUGE. There is one not that far from my home and it is less than half the size. People who are a fan of this chain of stores would definitely love that one.

I really enjoyed my stay in Colorado and I would probably go back to explore more in the future. This shows that you cannot judge a state until you have actually taken the time to visit.

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